Why do I call myself ‘fergycool’?

When I was about 15 I had fairly long hair. Very close to Crimbo I got very fed up with my hair as I am wont to do so.  As a more recent example of these changes my current hair style (as of Jan2010) is also long. This is now the third time in my life that I have had long hair…. I was so fed up that I asked my sister to cut the dammed thing.  She did so in the style of that once brilliant, now painful crooner, Fergal Sharkey. That is a male bob.  My friends very correctly abused me mercilessly and so the name Fergal stuck.  Well it stuck until Spitting Image decided to mock Sarah Ferguson. ..and so the cry ‘Fergy you old slag’ became the name I was greeted with for quite a few years…..

That’s the Fergy part, the cool part is more plain laziness. I’d got fed up of not being able to register to a forum (social media was not even a twinkle then) because a ferg or fergy already existed. Generally as I’d already registered, forgotten my password and easy reset passwords were far harder then with that generation of forum software.   …and so one time I added ‘cool’ to my name  as I guessed that the combination was fairly rare. This habit stuck and over a few months it became my main name.  It also became the name that I registered to Skype.  At this pont I realised it would become permanent. So I have the fairly childish, but unique nick (does anybody still use that term now?) of ‘fergycool’.  I guess I’ll keep it now.

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