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Modblog, along with his non-bodmod related blog Zentastic are blogs written by Shannon Larratt. His posts vary from baring his soul, to humourous, to a bit “hide your face in your eyes, and make sure you’re not eating”. Always an interesting read. He seems to be having some major issues with some ex-colleagues. Without my comments on something I know little about here’s the original text from his blog:

Thursday September 27th, 2007 @ 9:25 AM
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Over the last month or two Rachel and Jon have taken control of key aspects of BME without my consent in what seems to be a hostile takeover attempt. Last night false charges were filed against me and I just got out of prison, upon which I discovered that I had been locked out of administrative sections of all the servers as well as being totally locked out of BME. I don’t know how long this account will remain before it is deleted or locked out as well, because attempts were made to lock me out of IAM also. I do not have control over or any of my other servers either so I am unable to fully post this update. Please pass it on because it may be deleted.

I can be reached at

If my access here is cut off or they deactivate the site I will post updates to and elsewhere.

I hope that a reasonable resolution to this can be found, but never in my life have I felt so betrayed or had such underhanded, despicable, and deceptive attacks launched at me. If a claim is made that this situation has been resolved and it is not co-posted to at least, do not assume it is me making the post.

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I wish him all the best, and hope this gets sorted as amicably as possible (sounds a tad unlikely).

Time for a tattoo again??

I’m thinking about another tattoo. I got a design (thanks Marina), that I’ve had in my mind fro a couple of years now. But it’s just not perfect yet. I’ve been looking at it for a few weeks now, pinned up next to my monitor.

There’s also the fact that The Tattoo House did my previous ones (and I am very happy with them), but I live quite a way away from them now. Do I travel back, or find one local?

Anyway which is of these is me?