First lot of potatoes in the ground (well dirt at least!).

After chitting the potatoes back in February I just got the first lot in the ground. I put these seed potatoes (four varieties) to chit much earlier than I normally do, so they’ve been slow. Normally three weeks would be sufficient to get some sprouts about 25mm long. After five weeks these Red Duke of York (first earlies) were ready so into the soil they can go.

Seed potatoes laying in a green tray chitting.
Seed potatoes chitting

Once you have 25/35mm of shoots, just pinch all but one, then place them upright into the ground.

Normally I place spuds in trenches in the ground, but in the past few years I’ve been putting First Earlies into these repurposed water butts (that were leaking). I put them half way down, cover with a bit of soil, then as the shoots appear keep earthing over until the butts are full. Potatoes grow above the seed potato so if you keep them deep you get more potatoes! Otherwise any that grow above the ground, and get exposed to light, go green (which makes them poisonous!).

Seed potatoes laying ion alayer of earth
Seed potatoes at the bottom of a waterbutt
Two green waterbutts by a fence on the river's edge.

First lot of summer cabbages.

I planted twelve savoy and twelve red cabbages back in March. These were plug plants as I’m too lazy to grow from seed.

I kept them under mesh and did some weeding (although not a lot).

Well it’s time to cook them.

IMG 8861

trouble is by the time I’ve taken all those half eaten outer leaves the heads are quite small! Hopefully also tasty!

IMG 8862

Here’s it cooking. Smothered Cabbage. A New Orleans staple that I’ve never tried before.

IMG 8863

The Chop House

I’ve been quite a few times recently to The Chop House. I’ve always been pleased with the service and the food. It’s nowhere near a top notch restaurant, but the food is always enjoyable, and served with pleasure.

However, recently they surpassed themselves. I was there in a fairly large group (25+). Much (much) wine was drank as well as the full three courses (groan!). Due to ineptitude (and perhaps that excess of wine) both of us paid separately for each other. It was not until a few days later that we realised we’d paid double.

We guessed that by this point we’d had it, however, we rang them up, and sure enough they refunded one card, more or less at our word! Cracking service.



I ate some of these from a Russian Bakery in Richmond, San Francisco last week. Bloody yummy, although these were deep fried and were like the quintessential fried East Coast (UK) dougnuts, except filled with mince meat and egg!! 🙂

I may have to give this recipe a go!

Maleny Voice

Maleny Voice

Even across the otherside of the world, I well empathise in how I would feel if a ugly arrogant Supermarket blighted my home in building their crappy shop!

Here I feel aggrieved as to the quality of their food. At least my scenery is not spoilt by their greed as well!

Pork, juniper berries and Parmesan

Take two nice pork chops. From a proper butchers, no shite from Tesco’s/
Crush about 10 juniper berries, mix with a little flour and seasonig and rub all over the pork.
Leave for a while, then fry. On high initially each side, then lowere until cooked.
Meanwhile finely slice a handful of shallots.
Remove the pork when done, and keep warm. Fry the shallots until done. Add a little brandy and boil off. Add some parmesan, anc coat the shallots.
Place on top of the pork chops, add some grated parmesan, and grill until melted.

Serve with some baked spuds.


Jamon Serrano

Well I have a single pack of the yummiest jamon I have ever eaten outside of Spain sat in my fridge!! A mate brought me 3 packs in payment for cat sitting duties. The first pack was yummy, the second was pretty dammed yummy. How I can not eat the 3rd pack is hard to imagine.