UKC Forums – Calling all Cambridge Climbers

UKC Forums – Calling all Cambridge Climbers

There’s a thread on the UK Climbing forums about a possibility of setting up a new climbing wall in Cambridge.

I’m not sure how much finance these people have behind them, but they are having a public meeting on the 17th of October, 8.00 in the Friends Meeting House on Jesus Lane.

For a city with a large climbing population and in the middle of flatland, Cambridge is very lacking in indoor climbing facilities. There’s Kelsey Kerridge, which is not worth mentioning. Stowmarket wall is about an hours drive away and is fairly reasonable except not very high.

Ankle update

Well my ankle is suprisingle better. It’s turned a nasty shade of purple, and my toes are almost black. But I can walk, I can rotate my ankle more or less normally. I can’t put any pressure on the ball of my foot, just either my heel or when the foot is flat. But over all not bad.

I’ve been using a regime of Diclofenac (NAID), ice packs, keeping it raised, mobile and high doses (2g a day) of Glucosamine Sulphate (you never know it may help strengthen the tendons. It has helped when I’ve popped a tendon in my hand/finger before). Gonna also go to the Chiropracter this afternoon, to see what he can do!

Bloody ankle!!

Well once again I have sprained my ankle! Once again this was doing something stupid!

Climbing on a really crappy slate cliff. Just bouldering and traversing around the bottom of the cliff. Too busy watching other people, and not realising I had gone above a little gully above the sea. Somebody tried to take a piccy. I act the clown and let go with one foot and one leg. The foothold then chooses that moment to disintegrate, and I slide down. I reckon a sprained ankle is really quite lucky!!! I could have banged my head quite badly, or broke a bone. I also nearly slide even further and went down into the sea below. It was fairly calm, but it would have been a right bugger to climb back out of it.

As it was with the knackered ankle, I had to crawl, hope all the way around the base of the cliff before I could get back onto the beach, What a numpty!!