Moon landings

Well a few years ago they landed on the moon. Funnily enough I always thought they first landed when I was born. But it was the year after! ..and now Bush wants to go to Mars. Yeah right, full of good intentions that one. Not like lots of his mates stand to gain on the contracts that will be flying about.

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Well even more ancient today than I was yesterday. Oh Well!!! Not that I really care much!

Although presents I do care about, and I got good ones!!! 🙂

A Very Happy Birthday to everybody who was born on this day!

Trivial things that annoy me!

1-Going for lunch.
2-Asking for Chill with CHIPS, without RICE.
3-Recieving Chill with RICE.
4-Asking for CHIPS, being told they will come soon
5-Having to remind staff about the absent chips.
6-When meal is almost finished having another member of staff come to the table to say that the barman forgot to take money for the chips so if we want some (meal almost finished by this point!), we will have to pay £1.65.

Whatever happened to the Cutomer is always right etc….?

Last time I go to the WHITE HORSE in MILTON


This fabulous weather has got me in a good shorts wearing mood.

Shame I have to work in an airconditioned, absolutely no sunlight office! How am I supposed to work on my tan? The only radiation I get is the one eminating from the fluorescent lights and the CRT sat to my right!