MightyPhone Untroubles

I guess I should update you all about my phone!!! Well I contacted MightyPhone support (Support are always Gods, unless it is NTL). After a few exchanges of email, they sent me a new version of the phone software. After a major synch that probably cost me my monthly GPRS data allowance, all my phone numbers (whatever the format) were synchronised!

All praise to MightyPhone for their excellent support!

Whilst on phones, WHEN IS THE BLOODY p990 gonna come out? This log wait is doing my head in…. Ahh I feel better now!

MightyPhone troubles.,….

Well I recently bit the bullet and reformatted the memory on my phone due to various problems it had given me. A good test then for the MightyPhone sync service to save all my contacts and diary.
Well it failed. After a ful sync, none of my mobile numbers had been transferred. Pah!!! Bloody useless. Then ti dawned on me why! I keep all my mobile numbers in the form of number + intl diallign code.


+4412345 123 123

SyncML failed to recognise this and did not sync it.

So I tried

+44 (0) 1234 123 123

and waddayaknow. it synced fine!!

master reset/format of p910i

Because I always bloody forget, here’s how you access the service menu of a p910i phone:

jog dial up * jog dial down jog dial down * jog dial down *

Then access the Service menu and answer Yes to do you want for format your internal disc.

MightyPhone – 2

So MightyPhone is actually quite cool, so after the 5 day trial I went ahead and subscribed. 30 dollars plus UK VAT a year. So far is works perfectly with my Desktop, although not with Notes 7 so far!!! It works better than expected with my Phone, and what is quite cool is that the web interface is actually a decent contacts manager and calendar!

When I synch the phone from it’s cradle it uses the tcpip connection of the desktop. Otherwise it uses my GPRS connection. The GPRS connection is not quite perfect, as it keeps choosing my Vodafone WAP connection instead, which fails. So I have to manually open a connection using Opera, then reuse the connection. However, at £2.25 per MB, I will not be using this option too much!!
I have two tasks now….

  1. somehow export all my birthdays from Notes (orEvolution at home) into it.
  2. Try and make Evolution synchronise with the server using the SyncML plugin.

I have no idea if this is possible or not, but if it is, my PIM needs will be satisfied for at least the forseable future… 🙂

Phone fixed

Well. Since I am such a conscientious guy, I’d taken a backup at the end of Feb. So a simple reformat of the filesystem, quick restore from backup!!

et voila, moi telefono workee un autre vez!


p910i no work!

Well a bad side affect of using a PDA as your phone, is when it goes tits up!!!
I forgot to monitor the filesystem space on my p910i, and got to within a few 100kb of a full system. A few txts then filled it up and left me with a very very slowly working phone (I guess it uses the flash memory as swapspace?).
I’ve now freed up approx 24mb (out of a total of 64Mb), and the dammed thing is still acting up. I cannot receive/send txts. nor use the phone at all. What the buggery fuck have I done!!

Oh well! I’m sure it will get sorted soon!!