Sony Ericsson m600i

Well I’ve spent a week now with my new phone. Overall I’m pretty chuffed. The phone is easily as powerful and functional as my previous p910i. But it’s in a much smaller package. Much thinner. Yet the keyboard is excellent, and the screen’s resolution really makes a difference. There are a few issues. Unfortunately Vodafone (with whom I have a contract), have played silly buggers with the firmware, and it’s not as good as it could be. For example they have removed the menu easy access button. Instead forcing you to go through the painfully slow main menu buttons. Infact if you click the top left hand corner, a button does click down without doin anything!! Doh!!

The thinness also comes with a price of no camera. Neither does it have wifi, which the p990i (replacement for p910i) does.

I had forgotten just how much software I had bought for the old phone. Unfortunately it seems most of this was registered to the old phone, and I may have to rebuy. Ouch!!!

CrossOver for Mac

CodeWeavers – Beta Center – CrossOver Mac
Crossover Office is a Commercial Wine fork that concentrated on making MS Office run as damm near perfect as possible under Linux. In this it works pretty good. I’ve played with it a bit and its a fine example of basing a commercial product ontop of open source. I’m not sure whether they give back enough, but I’d give them the benefit of teh doubt. In fact I’ve been tempted to fork out the cash a few times to buy their software. But never really felt the need weighed against the cost.

Well according to Raj’s fine site (BTW your permalinks are not working.,…), They’ve released a product for Mac. What a crackign idea. Running your “can’t be separated from” Windows apps, on OSX!

I wish it all them good success.