Lost Girls

So I finally found myself a copy of “Lost Girls”.  I’ve been wanting to read this piece of work for so long. But the unavailabilty of this in the UK did prohibit me. I even considered paying the hundred odd quid to get it from a US comics dealer from ebay and ship it, but common sense prevailed. Mind you I paid a fair amount for it here, but it was to a UK independent comics store, so that’s OK. It’s also a lovely boxed hardbacked set, so I think that was well worth the 25 pint cost. For those of you who do not know about this comic, and cannot be bothered to click through to Wiki, then Lost Girls is a “erotic” novel about the fantasies of Wendy (Peter Pan), Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) and Alice (you get the drift).  They are all now grown up and boring, and look back on their lives.

It has been banned from being published in the UK as Great Ormond’s street hospital own the UK copyright and refuse to allow a UK publication. Not at all sure I agree with this, although perhaps the fact that it is a Children’s hospital should give them some leeway. Is this hypocritical of me? Should I donate money to them as a way of assuaging any feelings of guilt, or should I refuse to do so from a moral point of view. Tricky one.

Alan Moore is an excellent writer, and apart from Promethea, I’ve loved everything he’s done. I read all Promethea, but I must admit towards the 4th volume it got a bit silly. I could never quite escape the niggling thought in the back of my head, that he was sat laughing his socks off, at the thought that a reader would be seriously reading every word he wrote. To be truthful, I hope that he was! On the other hand the art and the concept was well worth the read, and I’m glad I did.

Back to Lost Girls, Moore ended up marrying his artist (Melinda Gebbie).   The quote on the wiki page says “I’d recommend to anybody working on their relationship that they should try embarking on a 16-year elaborate pornography together,” joked Moore. “I think they’ll find it works wonders.”

Let’s hope the book is as good as its hype.

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  1. If you need stuff from the US you could ask me — though of course the cost of the flight over to visit and pick it up might make the cost prohibitive! 🙂

  2. Haha. With the price of the pound versus the dollar at the moment, I could probably save money AND fly over to collect it 🙂

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