Growing Stuff: June Update

I’ve not had a great year so far in planting stuff or rather the weather has played havoc after an early start in growing stuff!

We started well with salad (lettuce and rocket) from the poly tunnel very early in the year (March) then plenty of radishes for the apero. For the first time I experimented with a few different varieties. French Breakfast is a long radish that is mildly pungent. Corona is quite a lot more pungent but had a tendency to become fibrous quite quickly. I will plant French Breakfast again. It was quite tasty!

French breakfast radishes geet quite large but are still tasty and tender.

Plenty of potatoes also went in quickly and with all the rain I assume they will be a good crop this year. I also added a second “broken” water butt for plenty of salad potatoes.

New waterbutt potatoes!
Waterbutt potatoes watched by a pheasant

However, celery and pumpkin seeds never germinated in the poly tunnel. The past few years have been poor for courgettes (for me!) so I cheated and got plenty of plugs. However, it’s been a feast for slugs this year and despite surrounding the young plants with sand and coffee grounds I am left with just three plants out of 12 plugs. But those three are now thriving and yesterday saw the first courgette flower.

This year I also setup a bean/pea net. It’s next to a new support I built for some raspberry canes that self seeded and are growing well.

Raspberry canes growing up a wooden trellis.
Raspberry canes
Beans and peas growing up a brown wooden trellis with string between
Beans and peas

I also moved the strawberry plants from the shaded ground to some pots in a sun trap by the back door. I’ve had to net to prevent a particularly cunning blackbird. This bird appears to sit on the roof of my office and watch the strawberries. But with the nets and a little bit of the sunshine there have been strawberries for breakfast quite regularly.

Bright red and some unripe green strawberries growing out of a brown pot.
First lot of strawberries before the blackbird scoffed the lot
Netted strawberries

The poly tunnel is still thriving with salad. Currently a few varieties of lettuce and some rocket seeds that have not germinated (I should plant rocket outside now as it bolts really quickly with the polytunnel’s temperatures.

Young lettuces growing in a small green polytunnel
Young lettuces