River Cam gauge

In a break from my usual plan9ing here’s the gauge for the lock just upstream of us on the River Cam from Shoothill River Gauge map. I had the boat turned around facing downstream as I was cleaning it last week. The back of the boat with its rudders and props is much more vunerable to damage from debris. With the biblical rain yesterday I saw the river had risen and dropped overnight (mud was deposited). Generally when that happens then 24 hours later the river rises again as rain from upstream reaches us. The river did not look to be running that fast, so I decided to turn the boat around by ropes in anticipation of the stronger flows to come. Whoops. The river flow was quite deceptive. It was a real struggle to spin the boat around. All done safely now.

So here’s a gauge for the river flows.

This is the code.

<iframe frameborder="0" width="300" height="446" src="https://gaugemap.blob.core.windows.net/gaugemapwidgets/1769-1909-3-300x446.html"></iframe>

The EA/.gov site says the level is normal albeit still rising:

River Cam level at Cambridge Baits Bite