Repurposing a door, again and again…

I love this door to our downstairs toilet.

IMG 7875

The door was originally at the bottom of the starirs. It was originally painted and was the downstairs door to the lounge (now gone as we changed two small dark rooms into one airy room). I removed the door and sent it to be “dipped and stripped”, then added it as a new door on the downstairs toilet. I did intend to wax the door, but I’ve not done so and so the door has acquired a patina of use.


The door has been repurposed many times. There are four other holes that have been used for various locks. Whether that was new locks, or the door was used for different doorways. When we used this in the downstairs toilet, we put the lock on the other side of the door as it swings out and so we added yet another hole! Perhaps that’s why they the previous owners had painted the door to hide those holes? I removed the filler that was in each of the old holes. I have considered covering it with a panel. But I think overall I prefer to see the holes as they show the history of the door.

IMG 7872

IMG 7876