At the start of Lockdown I was sold on the future need to wear masks and so I made some masks on my 1895 Singer model 15 (treadle) sewing machine. However, shamefully on the few times I’ve been out my mask has stayed in my pocket. I’ve justified this to myself that I never went inside a shop/building and observed the two metres distance at all times. I do not need to be further persuaded that wearing a mask helps reduce the transmission of the virus wearing a mask. Nonetheless I’ve felt extremely self conscious (which is not really like me) about wearing one and so my mask stayed in my pocket.
Wearing a mask is a display of civic duty to help your community. In the same way that vaccinations and not coughing in people’s faces are your contributions to a healthier society. Even if you have been extremely diligent in staying at home (which we have been), then wearing a mask sets an example to others that you are a responsible member of society. If we all wear a mask, it helps those who are uncomfortable with it (me!). To those people who refuse to wear a mask on “personal freedom issues”, then I would say the same as to those who refuse vaccinations – “your choice, but stay at home and stay the fuck away from people”.
Basically if we all wear masks then we can return to ‘normality’ sooner. But still my mask has stayed in my pocket. Shameful!
Last weekend we all visited a garden centre (partner, five year old and I). We were pleased to see that so many customers (not staff though) were wearing a mask. I would guess at least 50% of visitors, including entire families. This really did make me feel ashamed of our maskless faces. I think this was what I needed to push me into wearing one.
..and so the following weekend, following a purchase of “funky” masks (rather than my home sewed ones) we went shopping as a family again, but this time all masked up! It felt good!