Docker and childcare

So in between "Daddy, come here. What shall we play at now?" and "Daddy, I'm bored" I've been trying to learn Docker. From a fairly daunting concept to grasp, it's actually quite easy to get useful stuff running, even to running containers on Amazon's Elastic Sausage (or whatever stupid name they seem to have called it).

Docker curriculum is an excellent tutorial. Lengthy but clear and enjoyable. I need more advanced tutorials now, but I really need more RAM.

I must, however, resist moving everything to Docker. As well as being my main Linux toy, this box runs Mythtv and Motion (CCTV). The only other linux (match)boxes are a RPi on the boat (Raspbian), and one running the TV in my office (OSMC). I can see myself wasting time creating my own images/containers for this pair of services, when I really want to return to expanding my own knowledge on bioinformatics. Learning Docker is just an easy way to start doing this. I have a habit of filling my limited spare time with minor tasks and avoiding the main task (don't mention the hour wasted choosing a new.oh-my-zsh theme).