Weekly tweets!

  • How times change. I have DVI and HDMI cables coming out my ears but can I find a VGA cable? #
  • Anyplace I can get brewer's yeast (for cider) in #Cambridge or should I just use baker's yeast (hey it's all S.cerevisiae right!)? #
  • need to rescan my Mythtv freesat box soon. http://t.co/x7rD8orC #
  • Looking for an access point to add to a Draytek2820n. Only need roaming. No WDS. Cat6 backhaul. Any suggestions? #
  • emailed a company's technical support only to be told blatant bollocks. What happened to good technical support? #
  • finished The Atrocity Archives (The Laundry Files) by Charles Stross http://t.co/eHgw3J8a #Kindle #
  • There's a Mountain Lion and Lion supplemental update this morning. That sneaked under the rader. Must be urgent. #
  • No builders on site today. It feels weirdly quiet. #
  • Voyager has left the building. http://t.co/5ZvlpnXU We are now a interstellar travelling race, almost. #