Weekly tweets!

  • Good gravy is so easy to make and great gravy not that much harder. Why do people use instant gravy stuff? #
  • Zorro escaped twice this morning. Through holes started by rabbits. On reflection plastic deer fencing was not too great an idea. #
  • Do you think the UK is free from racists? http://t.co/qx1Z73dM #
  • finished Among The Thugs by Bill Buford http://t.co/AFq6yVJW #Kindle #
  • "Ride" on 6music! Great start #
  • Very poor start to the day with the realisation that I AM OUT OF COFFEE. Dammed instant is a very poor substitute. #
  • A driver delivering fuel to my neighbour knew the combination to the lock on my garden gate. So much for telling a trusted few! #
  • If this is true I hope Ratzinger apologies. or perhaps an eye for an eye?
    http://t.co/yZDtt67h #
  • To whom should I forward the clock tomorrow? #
  • Just had a Cornetto! yum! #