Weekly tweets!

  • BBC News 24 goes back to the 70s with an item on "Women aren't really bad drivers". #
  • Felt really rubbish all day. Looks like one of those dammed noroviruses has laid me low. Stay at home if you are sick! #
  • I thought these Noroviruses are supposed to go quickly. This one is lingering like flies stick to … errr.. #
  • Hey @bipradotcom when I list 2 hard drives on ebay it does not give you permission to send me the SAME sales spam email EVERY OTHER DAY #
  • For once I really like a Times Campaign – Cycle Safety http://t.co/KseDahxI #
  • Is this a joke? 10cm of snow forecast this weekend for #cambridge #
  • “@AnnHawkins Cocky 17-Year-Old Gets Ruined In A Rap Battle With English Teacher
    // very sweary but clever and funny http://t.co/HVoZmtGB!” #
  • I might hold off on OS X 10.7.3…. https://t.co/SDTOQYKr #
  • Given in. Put heater on for the first time in my office this winter. #
  • Some Asian Dub Foundation to start the weekend! #
  • Forgotten what a good album "Tank – ADF" is. Hardly listened to it as not as good as earlier stuff, but very bouncy music. #
  • Two lamb chops = more meat between teeth than any of your interdental brushes can deal with. So there dental hygienist, I did try! #
  • Anybody using the Gigaset s67H handset with the N300IP A base station? Do you have a mute buton? #
  • Bonfire in the garden to keep me warm. Feeling super productive after feeling shitty all week. Drains cleared, Canoe rack built, what next? #
  • The inevitable. SNOPOCALYPSE #
  • Snow http://t.co/kcUhfEQO #
  • The new canoe rack. http://t.co/zzoZdZBG #