Weekly tweets!

  • K9, the best Android email client, has a settings import/export function. That is cool. #
  • Nooooo. Just done a few ebay auctions. Put a £150 hard drive as a fixed price of £1 instead of auction. Sold within 20 secs. Merde! #
  • Just fixed the broken USB port on my HTC Desire HD by removing impacted pocket fluff with a needle. Yuck! Almost bought a new phone. #
  • have converted to believing that ALL problems can be solved by removing fluff. #
  • Really like the new Auto Titles function in @evernote Android update http://t.co/0qZO3Y1q #
  • See the North is better. The people are nicer, the beer is tastier and you can see those Aurora borealisssy #
  • Wow. Roche/454 attempt to buy Illumina in hostile takeover http://t.co/3Wvp6E0z #
  • Just found out that a Dremel beats hours looking for the padlock key in a super safe place. #
  • Zorro finally fell in the river! The panic in his face as he realised was fairly funny! #