Weekly tweets!

  • Looks like they found that missing person in the river http://t.co/o8mMYJnK #
  • Anybody running Lion as a VM? #
  • Watched the last two episodes of Red Riding last night. Pretty good, although fairly depressing and not the West Yorkshire I remember. #
  • Another 'Elf n Safety' story proves to be bollocks http://t.co/7aTKdey4 #
  • Oy Milton, stop blowing your smelly sewage smell over here. #
  • I've felt tired all week, now think I've got a cold. #
  • Sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day. …or days in the week.. #
  • Puppy day minus 4 #
  • The Paddington train to Bath Spa seems to have some crappy entertainment system that's obviously been thrown out by some airline. #