Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! http://ff.im/-CVNMi #
  • Looking forward to a bunch of monkeys without bars in #cambridge tomorrow…..! #
  • Uncaged Monkeys was a scream last night. The surprise attendance of Steve Jones was a real treat! #cambridge #
  • Summer starts. #cambridge RT @JesusGreenPool: Jesus green lovers the countdown has begun! just 2 days until we open!! are you all excited??? #
  • The rose tree outside is scratching the roof due to the wind. At night it would be the nails of a zombie. With sunlight it's just annoying. #
  • Yuck. Having to visit Cygwin on Windows. Forgotten what a yucky place Windows is. #
  • Measles Outbreak… http://bbc.in/mqZpdK and some parents still don't vaccinate! their children. Selfish! #