Weekly tweets!

  • This is so sad http://bit.ly/h1OgYO and why you should always protest when people say that quack/alternative medicine is harmless. #
  • Pot, kettle, black, unaware RT @sciencebase: US celebrates Wikileaks arrest with Press Freedom Day announcement – http://j.mp/ggKd7C #
  • Interesting article on an eBook holdout and how it does not have to replace paper books http://bit.ly/huv3sD #
  • How do I get Chrome to subscribe, or rather open, my RSS reader? Clicking on a rss.xml file displays the raw xml? #
  • Put some Crimbo lights up in garden. Been informed that anything other than white is tasteless (of a Blackpool nature). So off to BnQ tom. #
  • All who read should here RT @davidallengreen: Jack of Kent blogpost: #BadLaw or there are two sides to every story: http://bit.ly/fFNC1o #
  • Anybody used (& recommend?) eco-logs type thing – reconstituted sawdust? Never used them and wondered if they are worth it? i.e. cheap! #
  • So to keep in contact with POPULAR CULTURE, put XFactor on. Feel unclean, but I turned the fucka on, so who should I blame? #
  • Watching live Saturday night TV makes me nostalgic for pre-Mythtv days. Well not really. #