Weekly tweets!

  • Just spent a painful few hours correcting builders final invoice If people did this shit in other business they'd be laughed out! #
  • My Dell 2405FPW just died with a loud bang. Still 5yrs of daily service makes that a good deal. Any widescreen 24" bargains out there? #
  • Lit the wood stove in the house, yet still in shed office working? What gives? #
  • Listening to Peel Sessions – The fall disc 6 #
  • Upgrading to Mythtv 0.24. Wish me luck
    as I do need to watch Madmen tonight! #
  • No snow, but being in #cambridge that was hardly a surprise! #
  • If somebody knows a better combo than ham and cheese, tell me now. Last of Sunday's boiled ham, cheese, dry fried in a tortilla wrap. Yum! #
  • UK health issue to be ashamed of http://jdc325.wordpress.com/2010/11/26/mmr-vaccination-%E2%80%93-still-underachieving-on-a-massive-scale/ #
  • Played with Rockmelt and twitter etc. Browser is nice, dislike twitter client. Now back to Tweetdeck. #
  • I wish you all a pleasant Friday evening. Except my US friends who are likely snoozing still. #
  • I'm gonna walk in the garden singing Winter Wonderland #
  • an hour chopping wood and a bit of gardening. It is cold out there! #
  • I missed this earlier this month, Mplayer is ten yrs old! http://bit.ly/teyx Awesome video player for Linux #
  • Being a UK Kindle user pisses me off! I buy from Amazon US and ship to the UK. Why cannot I do the same with the Kindle store? #
  • At Anglesey abbey. Wintry #