Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! http://ff.im/-tJQjY #
  • US only discount tweeters, stop following me, a UK based tweeter. Doh! #
  • Nerds (me) find the Apple announcement limp, but I reckon the bean counters will love the Beatles' first month of iTunes sales. #
  • Well done. I asked "Inspired by Light" for an urgent order. They ever sent it earlier than stated. http://www.inspiredbylight.co.uk/ #
  • Impressed with my secondary glazing units http://post.ly/1DM0E #
  • This gof is clearing to show the sun. My shed office view looks nice..! #
  • spending the day on the sofa due to extremes of beer. #
  • Watching Rattle & Hum on Blinkbox. Ads are a bit annoying but it is free. #
  • Is it worthwhile updating an iPhone 3GS from 3 to 4.1? #