Weekly tweets!

  • Weekly tweets! http://ff.im/-sA7su #
  • Spent 11 hrs on the train this weekend. Very impressed by how my Kindle kept me occupied. Did not not even have my obligatory train beers. #
  • Me too! RT @TonyChurnside: I always wanted to buy a boat: http://j.mp/b4jqzLhttp://j.mp/b4jqzL #
  • 3 days into being a Kindle owner and I like it a lot. Still with an RSS reader and Evernote integration it would be damm near perfect! #
  • Finally watched final ep of The Wire S04 last night. Very good, but sad to see Bodie go. Nicely setup for S05. Cannot wait. #
  • Save our forests for future generations… http://bit.ly/a2J1cE ..and us of course! #
  • Apologies to any followers and FB friends for SPOILERS of the Wire. I removed the comment. How dumb am I? #
  • I wonder what the real truth about this is http://bit.ly/brvP4h Bit harsh if they did get away with it. #
  • No more sewage (at least in the garden!). http://ff.im/-sOmMW #