Weekly tweets!

  • Swam in the Cam yesterday in #horningsea Quite pleased to see I'm not ill today 😉 #
  • Mad Men S04 started in the US last night, SIX BLOODY MONTHS till it gets shown in the UK. How will I survive? #
  • This is quite ingenious, Initially it sounds silly, but it's really the ultimate trap to "catch" Alzheimer's patients. http://bit.ly/bEZcQm #
  • RT @gramstain: RT @carlzimmer: Scary disease girl gets whooping cough. Thanks, anti-vaxxers! http://bit.ly/9LYr2m #
  • Just had great customer service from the Nicecast people http://bit.ly/18dSGW Their software works great for broadcasting audio too! #
  • That pesky rain has gone away and left us with our usual super scorcher sun! #
  • MacVector 11.1.2 just released http://ff.im/-ooXkm #
  • Hmm. shed door needs some attention. Perhaps I'm not the "skilled" chippy I think I am 😉 #
  • So Catalunya has banned Los Toros. Never expected that. Good on them! #