Blast from the canoeing past

Many, many years ago I went on a mass protest on the River Seiont in Wales.

I’ve just come across a webpage documenting this. I do not see myself on those pictures, but If you want to look I was paddling a yellow Perception Sabre with a bright pink cag.

The protest was mainly against the intimidation that people had been using to prevent river access for kayakers, but also in direct response to some anglers allegedly assaulting some kayakers.It was a fine day and we all felt very good afterwards. Rivers are for all, right!

I gradually drifted away from the kayaking white water scene, and I’m now more likely to be paddling flat rivers in a canoe. Unfortunately the river access situation appears to have little changed.

Incidentally one curious fact is that since our garden backs onto the River Cam I’m actually a riparian owner now. How bizarre is that?

Weekly tweets!

  • Enjoying the Pharyngula vs Kurzweil 'debate' #
  • Almost year 1 in the Neptunian year. Really interesting article about our solar system and a cool anniversary. #
  • Rain again? This weather is becoming fairly boring! Mind you the grass loves it! #
  • YumYum! RT @nannamexico: Twitter Tuesday – buy 1 get 1 free big ass burrito. Today only so enjoy. #
  • Look what the rain has brought to the garden! #
  • Excellent. The comic, The Walking Dead, comes to TV. fingers crossed it's not a Daredevil. #
  • Rain, enough. Lawn ok now. #
  • The river is high and continuing to rain. Ark building? #
  • Just found my car has 2cm of water in the footwells. Dammed soft roofs! #
  • Anybody recommend a Bluray eSata drive for an Acer Revo r3610 Mythtv box? #
  • Finally fixed a really tricky WordPress upload problem I've been too lazy to fix for ages! #
  • Nooo. Did Nick really use the Ronseal joke! #
  • I really should update my personal blog theme. It's a modified for widgets Fresh Bananas and it's looking a mess #
  • Just seen a kingfisher on the river. No piccie though. It flew away quite fast. #

Problems uploading images to 1and1 hosts : Server error 500

I’ve had lots of problems with a 1and1 WordPress installation and uploading images within Marsedit.

Generally the image was uploaded correctly to the correct location on the host but gave a “Server Error 500” error message. This meant that Marsedit did not insert the link of the image and neither did it show in the Published Images Media Manager

There’s a quick workaround where I manually added the code to insert the image into the blog post. However, whereas the ability to write raw HTML is always handy, in this case it prevented me from finding a proper fix. I think I’ve had this problem for like a year. What a lazy sod!

The proper fix is to ensure that PHP is properly setup. Which is hard when you have little control over the host. So a quick fix is to add some lines for handling PHP script execution to your .htaccess file.

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php

– Download that file from your WordPress installation, if it exists.

– Add those line

– Upload the modified file.

Note you may need to change your FTP client’s settings to ensure you see dot/hidden files.

I came across this fix on the wordpress forums.

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Weekly tweets!

  • successful Sunday of building (removable) secondary glazing for upstairs. #
  • If you need to disable Google Backup on your Froyo phone, the setting is in PRIVACY. Not obvious! #
  • Just having some instant noodles, that have FOUR, yes four, extra packet ingredients inside! #
  • Does the fact I went for a run this morning allow me to have rhubarb crumble for lunchtime pudding? #
  • Just started watching "eight Legged Freaks". I turned off after 10 mins. Could a film really be that shit? #
  • MMS advert on a #bleachgate update. Priceless! #
  • Once you've started a 3 finger drag with the #trackpad you can continue with a single finger. Great for those 24" widescreens! #
  • what's this rubbish about rain forecast for the weekend? I've greatly prefer sun. #
  • Villainrom seems to be down. #
  • It's looking good! RT @TweetDeck: Android TweetDeck One Week In #
  • Using a #trackpad whilst eating pizza results in unintended drag actions. #

Weekly tweets!

  • Great pragmatic article by @SciencePunk on changing bad science with discussion vs smugness at showing the correct data #
  • Just watched my Venus Fly Trap plant capture a fly. It's pretty horrific even if it's just a fly! #
  • listening to The Hague Charles Taylor trial is very soporific. #
  • Roni Size & Reprazent – Digital #
  • Back to 80s. Listening to "The Alarm – Declaration". Makes me want to backcomb my hair into a mullet and use shitloads of cheap hairspray #
  • Haircut 100 – Love Plus One #
  • James – Sit Down #
  • The Alarm – Declaration #
  • Went to see Inception last night. Pretty good. I almost forgot to finish my pint! #
  • The Fall – O.F.Y.C. Showcase #
  • Brekky on the veranda (patio is so middle class!). #

Weekly tweets!

  • Sat in cardiff bay drinking beer thanks to @gorbash78 for tourist stuff! in reply to gorbash78 #
  • I missed this. Google adds multi account signin USeful #
  • A fairly miserable day. I might have to even close my shed door to keep the heat in 😉 #
  • After using my trackpad with my MBP, using the mouse on my Linux box seems quaint. #
  • I wonder if the Magic Mouse's touch body was Apple preparing us for using the trackpad with a desktop? #
  • Missed picking up some furniture from Habitat. 6:30 what closing time do is that? If you move to a "retail park" at least stay open later ! #
  • Apparently when I've been gardening, muddy fingers do not a good Trackpad digit make #
  • Looking for return ticket to Carlisle <> Cambridge. Always amazd at how bloody expensive the train is in this country #
  • Raileasy, you are a seriously wank website! #
  • ..and by "wank" I mean a derogatory term, before you ask….! #
  • Shame Google Wave is dead. Still it's been at least a month since I last fired up the client, and nowt had happened! #
  • A pragmatic approach to cancer. Would you expect different from the Hitch? Perhaps prostating himself in prayer? #

Weekly tweets!

  • Swam in the Cam yesterday in #horningsea Quite pleased to see I'm not ill today 😉 #
  • Mad Men S04 started in the US last night, SIX BLOODY MONTHS till it gets shown in the UK. How will I survive? #
  • This is quite ingenious, Initially it sounds silly, but it's really the ultimate trap to "catch" Alzheimer's patients. #
  • RT @gramstain: RT @carlzimmer: Scary disease girl gets whooping cough. Thanks, anti-vaxxers! #
  • Just had great customer service from the Nicecast people Their software works great for broadcasting audio too! #
  • That pesky rain has gone away and left us with our usual super scorcher sun! #
  • MacVector 11.1.2 just released #
  • Hmm. shed door needs some attention. Perhaps I'm not the "skilled" chippy I think I am 😉 #
  • So Catalunya has banned Los Toros. Never expected that. Good on them! #