Draytek 2820n and a T-Mobile 3G dongle

I’ve just got a Draytek 2820n. This will be the new router for the new house. What I like about this is that you have three WAN interfaces, ADSL, IP and 3G. What’s even cooler is that you can set this up so if ADSL fails it falls back to one of the others.

Until I have phone lines installed I’ll be using the 3G dongle exclusively. I hope I get better reliability than using the dongle with my Macbook Pro.

Running Jive on Mythtv

Just got Squeezeplay (the new replacement for SoftSqueeze) working from
Mythtv! .. and it was dead easy.

– Check out the source code from Subversion:

svn co http://svn.slimdevices.com/repos/jive/7.4/trunk/squeezeplay

– compiled it (if you are doing this on a 64bit box you need to specify just the app)

% cd src
% make -f Makefile.linux  app

– copy it all into /opt (there’s a tarball in ../build)

– Edit the Mythtv Media Library by adding an entry to the Library.xml file


Here’s the entry

	< button>
       	< type>SqueezeBox
       	< text> launch Jive
       	< action>EXEC /opt/squeezeplay/bin/squeezeplay.sh
       < /button>

(Spaces added as I cannot work out the HTML to now parse those metatags, Doh!)

It works great on my Myth box (also running Squeezecentre) and syncs with my Squeezebox AND the other linux box running Squeezeplay.