Nokia Messaging – Nokia World 2008 Announcement

Looks like Nokia Email is coming out of beta!

I hope all the new functionality is available on old phones!

Nokia Messaging – Nokia World 2008 Announcement: “

Written by Davis Fields, Nokia Email service Nokia Messaging team


Hello beta testers!

It’s Davis Fields, coming to you live from Barcelona from the Nokia World conference where we officially announced Nokia Messaging – the complete messaging solution for Nokia devices. For all the official information regarding what Nokia Messaging is, please check out the press release.

I’d like to give our faithful beta users more information. What we called Nokia Email service is now the S60 email portion of the overall Nokia Messaging solution. Nokia Messaging will be the best way to use your existing email and instant messaging accounts on all Nokia devices. There is a significant update of Nokia Messaging coming out in the next two weeks – containing a lot of exciting new features, including significant performance increases in client performance and battery life.

Please check out David Dueblin’s post below on the exciting launch of Mail on Ovi as well. Nokia Messaging will seamlessly access Mail on Ovi accounts just like other email accounts, offering the same great features. Users can use their email address to sign up for Nokia Messaging and access their email through Nokia Messaging on their Nokia phones.

I’ll post plenty more information regarding Nokia Messaging when we post our next update on We look forward to improving upon Nokia Email service with a complete email and instant messaging solution in Nokia Messaging.

– Davis Fields

(Via Nokia Beta Labs blog.)