Wassup 2008

As seen more or less seen everywhere on the blogosphere (micro/SocNet or otherwise) here’s a film guaranteed to make you smile:

I almost had a tear in my eye in the last frame. The US people have got such an opportunity. Surely in 20, even 10 years time this will be seen as a turning point. I hope that it’s upwards, but it still could be towards darkness. The Human race is on the real cusp of a new age. It’s an extremely exciting time to be alive, but we’ve got so many tough decisions to take. To use an apt financial metaphor for these times of troubled financial institutions, as a race we must realise that we are morally, financially and environmentally overdrawn. There’s just too many of us. The Earth is way past being a finite resource to plunder and a plughole to wash away our crap. The bottom 10% are getting poorer, yet the top 10% are indecently rich. The only way to maintain this is to remove people’s rights. But what examples do we set to poorer people who see the rich West ruining their own countries.

Somehow I cannot see a continuation of the Bush regime being of help in our future. I hope that in 9 days time I will be happy to go live in the US (not that I plan to mind you!). I’ve never had that feeling before, but I envy the Americans now. I really hope the American people realise that they really do hold a lot more than just their people’s fates in their hands. They could truly have a leader to be proud of (something that as a UK citizen I’ve never felt).