OO.org for the Mac… natively and no X11 needed, Awesome!

So we have a native OSX version of Open Office. How awesome is that? I’ve spent many years using Open Office. From StarOffice 3.0 on OS/2 (I vaguely remember paying for that), the earlier versions of the free OpenOffice and even writing my Ph.D thesis using OpenOffice 1.0 on Linux. Since moving to using a Mac a lot, not being able to share documents between Mac and Linux has made me use Office 2008 in the main. The lack of integration of the X11 based previous versions was too painful to use really. I’m so pleased that this version has come out. Let’s give the servers a while to cool down from the pummeling they’re currently getting, and let’s give it a ride!

3 Replies to “OO.org for the Mac… natively and no X11 needed, Awesome!”

  1. Dude, NeoOffice – native on OSX for awhile now.

    I removed MS Office months ago as a result.

  2. I dunno. I tried NeoOffice a few times (and reccomended it to LN’s parents) but tbh never got that comfortable with it. No idea why and perhaps I should have persevered? Now that OO.o3 is out, you gonna switch?

  3. Having extolled its virtues I have to admit that I do so little on my Mac with Office (other than update my CV and view docs from the interweb) that I’ll stick with NeoOffice for a bit.

    Maybe wait a few months until the 3.1 release appears . . .

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