Battlestar Galactica season 4 on DVD – yeah right

So BG season 4 is being advertised as being on DVD release now. It’s in the supermarkets, Amazon and probably the newsagent. It’s all so exciting, especially the big boxset with all four seasons. Just imagine more or less 2 days of some of the best TV and best SciFi for ages.. Except what happens when you get to the last episode of season 4 and you feel slightly unfufilled….. I think it’s a real cheat to advertise this as being the proper season 4. OK the writers strike did affect many series, and let’s not go into whether they were right (the writers probably have the moral highground here), but why hide it? BG series 4 part 2 has not even been filmed yet. Most viewers and fans know this. Except their relatives do not. I hope some fans grannies do not spend their pension on what they think is the best present ever for their precious nephew/niece only to make their nephew/niece have to fake their happiness whilst hiding their intense disatisfaction at not knowing yet whether Adama, Starbuck et al reach Earth.