Mail Goggles

Mail Goggles (surely Googles?) are the latest gimmicks from the Googlemeisters. They aim to spare you the embarassment of firing off a load of emails to people when you come home all fired up from the pub. We all know that email and being steaming drunk does not work too well. Something that I’m sure we’re all guilty of. Like drunk texting, except worse, as you can explain away stupid txts, but emails full of embarrassing spelling mistakes and other stuff are worse!

Anyway it asks you a series of mathematical questions that are too hard to answer when you can only just remember what the order was by the time you have walked the short distance to the bar. If you cannot answer, you cannot email. It’s configurable for pub closing time, although perhaps not if you’ve had an all night bender and decide that it’s time to go surfing.

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