Selling the next generation’s seas

So apparently Nobu have been caught selling an endangered species on their menu. Instead of doing the decent thing and pulling it from their menu, they instead gave it more cachet for rich idiots and marked it as Endangered on the menu. How selfish is that? Farewell bluefin tuna it’s been nice knowing you. Shame the next generation will now get a chance to eat you!

Seriously our seas fish stocks are in major decline, and it’s looking pretty unlikely that they will ever recover. Just check out what happened to the Grand banks. Once one of the most fertile fishing grounds in the world. Now most fish stocks have collapsed completely and will never recover. How can a fish that only breeds when it’s over 3 years old, survive when people catch all the 2 year old fish? The human race is pretty short sighted and none of us are innocent! Ah well it’s Friday. Let’s drink and dance to the destruction of ourselves.