Issues with configuring Personal Web Sharing on ‘upgraded’ Leopard

I’ve just been tearing my hair out trying to understand why a colleague could configure a personal website and I cannot! WIth OS X you can simply drag some html files into ~//Sites/ and enable Personal Web Sharing and access those files with the following URL


So far so good, except I could not for the life of me get this working on Leapard. Every attempt at loading this webpage resulted in a permissions error. What on earth! Whereas my colleague running Tiger set it up very quickly.

The frustration was further deepened by the fact that I was temporarily stranded in the middle of North Carolina without a internet connection! Not even a a single bar of cell signal!

However, once I got my fix back I found this web page detailing the issue, Gigoblog.

It appears that as a consequence of moving from Apache 1 to Apache 2 in the Tiger to Leopard move, Apple forgot a few things. The main one of these was that the default location of the Apache configuration files was changed from “etc/httpd” to “/etc/apache2”. That’s fine, but if you’d upgraded from Tiger to Leopard any users that were created under Tiger have their individual personal web sharing config files stored under the old location, and they’re not migrated to the new location.