Is iDisk now faster with MobileMe than .Mac?

In spite of all the hassle that’s been publicised with people having issues with their mail and other Mobile Me < .Mac migration problems, I've actually noticed that accessing iDisk is quicker. I share an iDisc for apparently trouble free file sharing between some of my colleagues. However, it's painfully slow. However, since the migration it appears to be more responsive, although it's still slower than pigeon post for uploading.

Google Browser sync now open source!

One of the downsides to Firefox 3 is the mouse scrolling speed on Linux (not on OS X), and the fact I can no longer share my passwords, my bookmarks, and cookies between my Mac and Linux box. I did take a look at Weave, but it seemed pretty poor so far (although I’m sure it will get better).

Well the first step in Firefox3 browser synch’ing has been taken.

Cool. Now all I need to do is to wait for somebody to port it to FF3 and I’m set! That may take a while, but at least it’s now possible.

One thing that seems not to have been noticed as that without an encrypted backend to store the synched info the plugin is useless. The util did not sync between browsers, but it was browser to encrypted backend at Google. I wonder if Google would still allow that? Still at least it’s now possible.

Perhaps those Weave people will take this code to better their own? GBS did work pretty dammed well, so that would be a good idea.