All I want for Christmas is Google Sync for Firefox3

Firefox is the best browser, and with my propensity to spend as much time on Macs as on Linux boxes, I really need Google Browser Sync for Firefox. Except for some bizarro reason Google are not going to update this plugin to work with FF3. Why on earth is this so? FF3 is faster and really there’s no need not to upgrade it (after all early adopter is my middle name (well, names)). I’ve been running various release candidates on my Linux box, and I could not complain about its status. However, Google can hardly have not noticed that today is Firefox download day (daft idea it’s gotta be said, especially its US centric 10am Pacific standard start. Although afor a 24 hour period I guess Oz and Europe can download tomorrow and still be in the record count). Anyway I digress. Google, pull your finger out, stop bothering with that search engine and Adwords malarkey, and do what you’re supposed to do. Make my life easier. Upgrade Google Browser Sync for FF3