Jesus was a time lord?

Spotted on Pharyngula’s always interesting blog.  Apparently some sneaky Church of England vicars lazed away a boring conference by watching episodes of Doctor Who, and pretending to study the good Doctor’s never ending fight against evil. Their excuse was to contrast recurring episode themes with classical christian themes of good, evil and whether, even if the devil has the best mp3’s,  evil people can be redeemed and get to heaven.  I suspect it was really one of the usual gimmicks to make religion appear to be sexy. Wonder why there’s no mention of this fact in UK news source?

I’ve got to say I’m curious to what they made of the fact that the devil was some weird alien who lived on some ancient planetoid orbiting a black hole.

Penninito way

So back from a 3 day walk on the Pennine way.  Perhaps I’m not too fit, but I think I would struggle with the full 16 day trip. It was a very enjoyable extended weekend.  Perhaps not the most spartan of weekends as a nice B&B with full cooked breakfast and a large meal on an evening surrounded the day’s walking.  Nonetheless my legs do ache somewhat this morning.  I’ll write further on this later.  My only lowpoint was climbing to the summit of Pen Y Ghent to discover cloud.  Mind you perhaps the fact I could see nothing was helpful to my fear of heights? I’ll have to look at as many pictures as possible to see if I can understand where I actually was.