Springtime is here?

It must be spring for real today. I spent a good amount of yesterday sat in a park, and this morning the amount of weeds in the garden was enough to make me actually do something about it. That and after the gardening there was still time to sit on my deck (constructed last summer, but too late to ever use it) with my MBP and squint at the screen.

Weeds are like rust on old cars. You only notice a little bit until you start doing something about them. I thought an hour should take care of most of them. In reality it took an afternoon and a full green wheelie bin. The garden looks nice now though. I also feel quite proud of that fact that i dug deep to the roots on most of the particularly large weeds and hopefully this will help next year.

I even spent an hour upgrading WordPress and doing a bit of spring cleaning here. No weeds, but I’ve hardly spent any time writing, nevermind maintaining it.