deeeep baaaasss!

I am so excited. After running my home cinema/music setup for so long without a sub, and then with a pretty pathetic passive sub, I’ve now gone and plumped down some cash for a Rel-205. I’ve got Monitor Audio Radius speakers for everything else, and I was going to go with the Monitor Audio little baby sub. However, once in the shop the larger Monitor Audio Radius subwoofer was a hundred quid cheaper, and so I persuaded myself that this would be better. However, this took me into a larger price bracket, and so inevitably I started looking at others.

Rel are a company that just do Subwoofers. They used to be a small company that manufactured in the UK. However, they did get bought out by their US distributor a couple of years ago, and now they manufacture in China. This unit has both connectors for both LFE channel (the .1 of the 5.1), and also connectors for filtering the lower end of the front speakers for music. I’m not quite sure I understand how these differ from the standard subwoofer connectors where you plugin the feeds from the fronts, you set the crossover to filter all sound below a certain frequency to the sub, and then send teh rest back to the fronts, which need to be wired in series. This has a single lead, and so you do not need more speaker cable.  But from what I do understand there’s going to be nice tight bass for music. Not the annoying boom, boom, of cheaper subs, but proper backup for the main speakers. Wahey!

It arrives on Friday, and I already feel sorry for the neighbours.

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