JoikuSpot- S60 to wireless Router

Now this is very, very cool, and about time.

Normally to connect your laptop via your 3G phone, you need to use it as a Bluetooth modem. Whilst this gives good speeds (well as fast as Bluetooth will allow) it does require setting up, and the use of 3rd party scripts in the case of my MacBook Pro.

Since most decent smartphones also have wifi now, it’s been discussed as to when you’re going to be able to use a 3G/S60/UIQ (perhaps even Windows) as a wireless Router. Connect your laptop to the ad hoc wireless network on your phone, and all external net access get placed over the 3G connection. Bloody great, and kudos to this company. Just think, you and some friends are all in a restaurant that does not offer free wireless. With your unlimited data plan, you get out your smartphone, pop it on the table and you and your (sad) friends connect their laptops instead of having a Conversation. Cool!

EDIT I’d forgotten I broke the wlan on my E90. Might take me a while to test this out.