New Golf ad and George Clooney

The new Gold advert, “NightDriving” has 2 superb pieces of audio. First of Richard Burton reading Dylan Thomas, but the second reminded me of something, but I couldn’t remember from where I’d heard it. Then a Google showed what. It’s from the soundtrack to Solaris (the Clooney one). I went of to get the album, and it really is an absolutely superb set of tracks. Very reminiscent of Ulrich Schnauss. Deep, deep ambient music.

After watching Solaris I made a lame attempt to get the music but of course forgot. The entire soundtrack is by Cliff Martinez. The particular track in the Gold advert is track no 7. But the whole album is of the same ilk and worth a listen. Although the album is fairly short.I really enjoyed Solaris, but listening to this soundtrack made me think I’d probably have enjoyed the film a lot less without it. It really sets the mood of the film and is great at evoking the emotions that the film needs.