Linux to OS X

It’s been 12 months almost in my new job, and those 12 months have seen a slow migration to having my MacBook Pro(MBP) as my main computing plaything. Previous to this I’ve always had a Windows laptop as a business machine and consequently for reasons not worth going over, my Linux workstation was my main machine. However, now the MBP has slowly, but surely surplanted it as my main machine.  Obviously for work but for personal stuff too.

I’ve spent nearly a grand this year upgrading the Linux box, and to be honest it was money poorly spent. OK currently once again I have a pretty fast machine: 3.6Ghz dual Xeons, 6GB Ram, reasonably fast graphics and a 0.5Tb RAID10 array, but even though it’s connected to a pair of Dell 24″ widescreen LCDs, I seem to spend much of my computing time sat in front of the telly with the laptop, placed where it’s named to be placed. Sometimes even in the local pub/cafe connected to the free wireless.

Furthermore now that I’ve got the 1.4TB ReadyNas+ as the central storage in the home LAN, and moved the DNS server over to the DD_WRT running WRT54GS , the machine does not even act as a server. 2 years ago I would almost get the Jones if the machine was down. Now I even turn it off sometimes. What a change!

I really enjoyed the upgrading, and I suppose this enjoyment from rebuilding the hardware is worth it. Although something that I did not enjoy was the money and time spent quietening the dammed machine, as working from a home office the constant hum is an annoyance.  My next challenge is that I really do want to get the machine booting from a RAID10 array though (small raid1 /boot partition with 2 RAID10 array’s for everything else). Perhaps having the MBP and other reliable storage will stop me panicking during some tricky rebuild, when I remember that my backup is quite old! Although there’s nothing quite like the live reshaping of a system, when you have no backup