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Quite rightly so, a few people have castigated me for being lazy (that again) and not implementing rss feeds on my blog. Well a rainy day has prompted me to remove a few items from my todo list (bleeding radiators is next). So I looked into doing this. However, I assumed that a plugin would be available, but not there is not one available. How bizarre! Surely such a common task would have a bucketload of plugins to add. Well it appears that WordPress already has a load of default feeds available by default. What a maroon? I could have had a button to subscribe years ago…

Anyway here’s the links to the more common feeds. I’ll add the proper subscribe button later:





Now for central heating shennanigans!

Incremental backups using Rsync

Many thanks for Raj for pointing me to this great tutorial on making incremental backups using Rsync.

I’ve been using rsync for a while for backups now. First my Macbook Pro’s Docs and Scripts directories are synced with my Linux box’s (initiated by a Cron job on the Linux box). Then I irregularly backup my Home directory to a USB disc. I’ve recently moved this to the ReadyNas+ box, although its horsepower is a little slow for rsync over ssh. I read a few emails on the Linux Raid list a while ago intimating that rsync incrementals were possible by creating a hardlink to the previous directory backup and as a consequence only putting new files in the new directory. However, laziness has fought against motivation and it’s not got done.

This nice tutorial should fight against the inertia and make me do it.


Grrrrrr.  Ever since I last upgraded WordPress, the quick link for posting directly from Firefox appears not to have been working.  That means the world was spared from more of my garbage than normal. Serves me right for not doublechecking the posts arrived.