Stupid Holiday beard

Reading on Raj’s blog abut his sponsored ‘tache “experiment” reminds me that my stupid annoying holiday beard is still firmly on my chin. I think it is the godgiven right (well as god given as an atheist has any right to expect) of any man to grow a beard on holiday. The type of beard that you would quite rightly laugh at if it was on the face of any of your peers. Normally I end up shaving days before I return home. However, this one has lasted (2 months since the end of my holiday), and whats more this is probably the stupidest looking beard I have ever grown. Far, far stupider looking that the big goatee when I had long hair, and probably stupider than the full beard with the missing underlip hair. Either I’m becoming old enough to not care, or perhaps because I’m working from a home office and I shave so rarely, that it just looks like an extra hairy bit on the Grizzly Adams rest of my face.

3 Replies to “Stupid Holiday beard”

  1. A mo’ is wrong on so many different levels 🙂

    There are a shocking number of sheepish looking blokes wandering around Wellington sporting musketeer mo’s or chopper mo’s.

    The worst thing about it is it becomes a pollen trap and you also start unconsciously playing with your mo’ as if contemplating it becoming a permanent fixture.

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