Excellent comparison of 3 phones I’m trying to decide on…….!

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Thanks to Raj for pointing me to Stephen Fry’s blog. He’s written a great article on 3 phones I’m looking into getting. Well, trying to decide which to get. I’ve already decided against the iPhone, and was trying to decide between the Sony Ericcson p1i (I’ve currently got the previous model, the m600i), and the Nokia e90 (not had a Nokia since the 3650). His article may make me reasses, and decide between the iPhone and the E90. I did thing for the form factor that the P1i would be a killer. Perhaps not.

How to merge surveys with phpESP

While struggling with phpmyadmin to merge a few surveys I’d created with phpESP, i noticed that a grep for MERGE in the source code came up with lots of functions.

Cool so I tried:


It works! A dead easy to use merge function.