Apple Store in Cambridge

Cambridge Grand Arcade | Confirmed Retailers

So in truth despite hating most malls, and preferring smaller, more interesting shops, I am quite pleased that Apple will have a store in the new Cambridge Mall.

Obviously the novelty will wear off pretty quickly.  I like visiting the store in Regent street, but I doubt this one is going to be anything like that. Plus there’s already a decent Apple outlet in Cambridge, Cancom.

At least there’ll be free wireless in the city centre 🙂

2 Replies to “Apple Store in Cambridge”

  1. Cancom is over-priced! They certainly charge more for a few things that are set at ‘Apple’ prices throughout other shops in the cambridge area.

    Apple In Ear headphones, for example are £28 in cancom, compaired to £25 everywhere else!

    That simple fact offends me, and they have been ripping of people since forever`!

  2. I’ve bought quite a lot of stuff from Cancom. About 5 months ago I was looking to buy a Netgear ReaddyNas+. This is a 4 disc little NAS untit. Their prices for this were similar to other online retailers (about 1k for 4 x 500Gb). However, they were quite unhelpful and were unable to tell me whether the drives were ES or AS (the ES drives are enterprise level from Seagate, and teh NAS units can come with either). They seemed completelty uninterested in finding this out for me too. I ended up asking the guy on the phone if he preferred if I take my business elsewhere. He answere ‘yes”. So that’s the last business they’ll see of mine!!

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