Generation F*cked: How Britain is Eating Its Young

Adbusters : The Magazine – #71 Beginnings of Sorrow / Generation F*cked: How Britain is Eating Its Young

Thanks to Raj for this interesting (quite sad) article.

I do feel sorry for the young of today.  Ok when I was younger we also hung around on corners, and generally did nothing.  But we did it with style.  Well I used to think we did. The young of today have such potential, look at the way technology is advancing.  In my lifetime so far we’ve gone from Pong to  Second Life. Postcards to FaceBook.  Kids now are born with a mobile in their hands, yet they have much less opportunity. Where did it go wrong?  Who’s to blame, and more importantly who will pay?  youth is wasted on the young, it is true, but the old are not around to see the mess they create!

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  1. We used to play football all evening, every evening. If the little parasitic feckers can’t be forced to do that then bring back National Service! ;o)

    PS. Fecking hate kids, me!

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