Screencasts of Installing MythTV Via MythDora 4.0

Slashdot | Screencasts of Installing MythTV Via MythDora 4.0

Seen on /. a new @boot and install from a single CD” MythTV distro. This time based on a more mainstream RedHat/FC one.

I’ve been using a MythTV box as my ONLY TV for about a year now. With 2 Freeview (UK DVB-T) tuners and a single tuner connected to a dish with multiple LNB’s pointing at Hotbird and Astra. I can wholeheartedly recommend it. A fine piece of software

TSA detains director Mike Figgis for threatening to

Boing Boing: TSA detains director Mike Figgis for threatening to “shoot a pilot”

Seen on BoingBoing, Mike Figgis told jobsworth’s at LAXthat he was in LA to “shoot a pilot”, 5 hours of interrogation ensued before Mike could explain to the pretty stupid security guards, thet he was in LA to “film a pilot episode of a new TV series in order to gauge audience reaction with an aim to deciding whether it as worthwhile filming an entire series!.

A Sad Day for common sense, nevermind the truth.

New museum says dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark – Yahoo! News

So the Creationists finally got a museum open, and not just that nutty one. I view this with very mixed feelings. On one hand the more publicity Creationists get, the less likely people are to give their beliefs credence. Despite my general cynical surface thoughts that people are generally stupid, deep down I believe that people are on the whole sensible and decent. Underneath that veneer of stupidity and shallowness, people are pretty good. However, the fact that the American public does treat this as a real museum, and not a Disney “Pirates of the Caribbean” type attraction does make me sad, and generally pessimistic about our future. Just how confusing is this to children who’s intelligence has not yet developed to the extent that they can differentiate between different views.

Facebook Launches Facebook Platform

As seen on /.
Facebook Launches Facebook Platform; They are the Anti-MySpace

I quite like Facebook, whereas I’m just not l88t nor tr8ndy for Myspace. Well I reckon I\m cool, byt Myspace is just …messy….. (like my desk is tidy). I reckon Facebook will stay fairly clean though, well I hope so.

I suppose we have to just trust in the fact that Facebook is run by Developers, and hopefully the quality will stay.

Two gripes I hope get fixed…..

(a) when will CAMBRIDGE, UK appear?

(b) I hate the CAPCHA (sp?)

19 Things NOT To Do When Building a Website

Josiah Cole » 19 Things NOT To Do When Building a Website

A very insightful AND amusing website design what not to do (thanks to Vowe for the pointer) when designing a website to actually sell a product.  Some of these are spot on as to what annoys you.  I think it’s quite incredible when a website that I’ve gone to in order to find out how to buy something, then goes out of its way to annoy me.

If I find something on a website that annoys me, I leave.  End of story. In fact the way some online Stores are designed, seems to me that they do not want to sell anything!



Incidentally thanks to a cool new utility I discovered about 10 mins ago, I am now typing this on my Macbook with the keyboard attached to my Linux box. How cool is that?

Basically I’ve been looking for a decent DVI/USB LVm, but appalled at just how expensive they are. So I’ve been looking for a software solution. This is effortless to setup, and seems very robust.

The utility has a client server type connection. Running on OSX, Linux and/or Windows. You run the server on the machine with the physically connected mouse and keyboard, and a client on each machine that you want to share the mouse/keyboard to. It also shares the clipboard too. The URL above was copied from Firefox running on the Linux box, and pasted into the Macbook.Took me 5 mins to setup

The only downside I can see so far is that the Apple CMD and OPTION keys don’t work on the Mac. I guess since the linux box cannot recognise these to pass the key strokes across.
Am impressed. Of course now I need to buy myself a second 24″ widescreen monitor.