Life on Mars elusive finale

I’m feelign a bit like James Bolam and Rodney Bewes hiding from the latest footy results. MythTV missed the last two episodes of Life on Mars, so I’ve not been able to view them yet. I woke this morning to it being discussed on the News. A quick thump turned that off, but I;ve been unable to listen to TV or News at all, just in case the game is given away, and spoils what promises to be 2 hrs of prime TV viewing.

Life on Mars (for those who’ve been living on Mars), is the story of a Manchester detective who has a car accident, ends up in coma AND living the life of a manchester CID officer in 1970. ..and this is very much the 70’s of flares, football hooligans, and scant regard for due process by the Police. A far cry from the police force he has just come from. Excellent stuff!!

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  1. 🙂

    I could not wait anymore and downloaded them both last night. Pretty good. TBH the twist did convince me towards the end. Enjoyed it!!

  2. “Go and detect me some garibaldi’s love”, wicked show. They are bringing it back with Gene Hunt in the 1980’s and he’s going to be driving an Audi Quatro!

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