2000AD: 30 years of the future

BBC NEWS | Magazine | 30 years of the future

Thanks to Raj For reminding me that 2000 is now 30 years old. The main thing is that it reminds me how old I am. I remember seeing the advert for a new comic called 2000AD in a comic called Crunch (No wiki, no trace on Google. Did I imagine that?). However,it also reminds me of just how many very pleasurable hours I have spent reading it. Chopper wining Skysurf (the 2nd Chopper story), Wulf dying… Halo Jones killing Toby. Superb moments.

I still get the comic sporadically. It’s still good, but not as good as I remember it. have my tastes matured, or is the comic less original? Perhaps I just miss the big boots of Dredd, and the people falling into the Flesh Dozers! Ahh!