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This site is probably one of the funniest things I have seen on the web for a long time. It’s got to be a windup. Well at least the majority of it is.. With posts like

Jade cannot be a racist as she neva(!) finished the marathon,


When I got anorexxia last yeer she helped me froo it and for that I is tocally greatfull.

I lost my Mum as well last yeer, in Tescos, but fownd her agen cos of Jades strengf and dignitty. She was by the tampax aisle. Should have nown, she love fanny rags my Mum.

God bless jade and dont let the white b*stards get you down Shilpa

Truly amazing!  The site seems to been set up by somebody genuinely in “worship” of her royal Goodyness. But with the recent BB furore, teh site has been completely swamped by people.  Very very funny…..!  The admin seems to be trying to hold the floods of abuse, but only just.